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Anarchism and Punk

Historical Punk

That is the philosophy of punk was a generation born to grow and develop bergeliat never was late in a discussion and analysis of its culture. from the side of history. PUNK scientifically that never clear when writing emerged and who pioneer the beginning, will never see the end of the story and it is very difficult to formulate the existence of Punk. Even the cultural origins of American punk who wrote in a famous publication Maximum Rock'N Roll was never able to formulate when punk itself was formed. Not terpungkiri bawasanya beginnings of a way of life growing up punk that grow along the growth idialisme social and political climate and culture originated from a musical. But before that in the era of 60's many turbulent youth movement wore more attributes Rock Rock I call out law (Rock resistance) is similar to the style and lifestyle of the punk era now, and the era they were trying to give the impression and sense of community was formed. Or better ngomongnya which they form communities of resistance in the era it means a lot. And these movements (opposition) continue to evolve and take it by the community of punk to 90s era, even up to now but always experiencing growth. we can see from what they bring and they convey through their songs there is an impression and message, always carry a dieranya problems. Probably will continue that way.

We refer again to the style and the styles of the punk basically did not experience many changes that are so significant (striking) such as Mohawk and spikes may be a little jacket plus boots or emblem. Filosaofinya why should Mohawk, ..? we take from history is the notion that the Mohawk tribe of the oldest in the Americas are in the kill by expansion of immigrant Collombus post. Punk conclusion adopted this hair style as a form of genuine concern for the tribe as the sole heir of the Americas (which has now started to run out). Spike jacket, boots, emblems I would interpret it extreme or radical. Although this is never no formula or necessity that had to Mohawk Punk, Punk should be this and that must be it. But what is clear from the appearance of Punk wear what feels and understands what needs to wear (wear). Punk was a cultural dynamic in terms of life style, concerned.

Definition of Punk

As soon as the banya the assumption that there is a personal reason and understanding about devinisi a punk, a punk must have varied according to the assumption that background they get a good understanding of the inputs from the visual perspective and reality, the historical and concepts - basic kadasar be underlined bawasanya punk is a way of life (or life style). with anti-establishment punk movement which is actually a movement of revolutionary anti-oppression and a libertarian movement of groups of people who are not satisfied with the condition of social order, political as well as the hypocrisy and so on. And punk into a counter-culture and as a counterweight to the movement - pergerakanya, in context, punk is a movement of resistance to rot decay system. We all can learn about about the history of the emergence of punk culture, to the development or variety of movement within the scope of the socio-political
Anarchism An Alternative To The Punk

What is the relationship with Punk Anarchy all over the world. When must choose between political ideology: Anarchist Punk inclined. Their disagreement with a hierarchical system of government or regulatory official as well as respect for freedom and individual responsibility is what makes sesamaan prespektive a punk with the concept of anarchy
And certainly not a violent anarchy or chaos clear. Even if activities in the name of anarchic chaos that we see must be in perspective with a clear articulation and meaning, essentially adopted the Indonesian punk anarchism is adapted to the existing culture in this country, anarchism, which was adopted from a concept of thinking and many variants varianya anarchy we yan discussed earlier, when we look at the basic concepts without a clear government tends otopis (utopian / not possible) but anarchism can grow and adapt to the real conditions in a culture, without changing the basic concept of anarchy itself based on the different socio-political culture of the country of origin , punk hatred against the government is a moral determination to the government itself as a mirror refleksidiri bobroknya ruler over a system, the government saai this is like a company that is regulated danstaf director - his staff to conduct the project - large projects tend prosperity and welfare of the people and all policies rules of statutory law and in the end always benefit the directors and staff of its staff and investors. it also pioneered by anarchist thinkers such as Tolstoy, Murray bockhin, Erico Malatesta, H Misbach, Malcolm, even Samin Suro Blora Sentiko people of Indonesia. Of them agreed to reject the form of government that gave birth to falsehood and oppression through the system are structurally and culturally.

Take the example of the education system that has been there. Education is not a mirror pencerdasan children of the nation, will standardize the application of the concept without melihan background conditions of each region at all apprehensive, but the government only applies the concept of disadvantage, with the application of the concept that they systematis education is also often used as a commodity business and where education is only used as a means of fundraising profuse with mengenyampikan moral education, ethics, manners and the concept of equality that promotes togetherness and tepo seliro (Javanese term) which so far has disappeared, even in the old order of education is often used as government propaganda media, and as a tool oeh brain washing them.

Then what is his relationship with punk, a punk ethic, or better known independent DIY (doit your self) which means self-reliance or more details do not depend on the ruling class or the existing system. from the standpoint of music, history, and style (appearance) punk written above it is clear that whatever the wear punk, live punk and punk history has a value of resistance against the oppressors (the ruler).
This also explains why the punk became a symbol of resistance to cultural levels.
so punk it wrong to grow and develop today or is more worthy than those who malasdan always whining .. or also a loser with clothes neat when they are a corrupt person?
Can be concluded that punk is a manifestation of the concept of anarchy. A punk musician who was not a sloppy with drinks and live with all the freedom, but being a punk is a great responsibility when we choose a life with resistance, punk is not a trend, not a punk musician, punk was not a criminal, but recognize
Bawasanya punk is a grassroots culture of resistance.

Linkage Between the DIY with Hardcorepunk

Independence is one of the pillars which can not be separated from hardcorepunk with their activities as a counter-culture to popular culture that dominates, which was aware of individual needs and are increasingly eager to dominate the life of each individual. Internationally, the term self-sufficiency is better known as DIY (do-it-yourself). DIY is essentially a concept that is intended to eliminate the dependency and then dig deeper and maximize the abilities and talents that exist in each individual to be processed together. DIY then evolved to the issue of transparency (clarity or openness), that the individuals involved are entitled to know where and how the distribution of time, energy, thoughts, skills, information, desire, passion, instincts, dreams and production tools that are processed simultaneously together without the pressure and manipulation of the individual or others. Substance (separation) of the DIY philosophy is to decide the attitude of dependence and cut off (once again the nature dominate and monopolize) conducted by the parties with the interests of profit only.

DIY concept will not work optimally without the participation of (support) is active, initiative (desire) and the role of each individual involved. DIY itself understood as the concept of flexible (soft or easy), liberating and not closed to criticism and renewal, rather than absolute terms (absolute) which requires adherence levels (tiers) acute, nor something that is dogmatic given the accelerating changes in the existing conditions often happen unexpectedly but also that each region and each community has the phenomenon (incidence rate) and the levels of different problems. Every individual, every community, every region has the right to do improvisation (development) in the face of the existing problems in correlation with the concept of DIY because it was not something sacred, nor something that can not be contested.

In development at the community hardcorepunk, DIY activities conducted in each community development such hardcorepunk economic base, making the media (zines, records, band, documentation, virtual world sites, mailing lists), design, discussion, manage the distribution for all things produced independent, campaigning for a boycott, organizing the gig / show, food not bombs, workshop or the construction of crisis centers and others. Gaiety and joy of activism that are informative and educative be more pronounced if it is done in the corridors of the warm spirit of DIY. The point is that we who make, we are controlling its distribution, we can estimate the achievement of results and we also arrange everything without having to depend on and wait for others to realize. A time where every individual is engaged automatically receive the demand to not be passive but be active, be a subject rather than object.
But as Wiji never said in his poem '... that the world will not move just to talk ....',
DIY only means of conception will be nonsense if only to end up in endless discussions sophist, if only written in zines, if only to settle in a world of ideas, if only dicetakkan in shirts with no concrete in the daily praxis of each individual to talk about it. So this conception do need a balance between theory and praxis in the real world so as not limping. There should also be understood that DIY would be a very exclusive and elitist, if only considered as belonging to hardcorepunk, DIY is owned by all the people who believe that the concept of independence is the best way to fight the current modernization without filtration and minimize the consumptive nature.

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